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My name is Hazel McBride and I grew up in a very small village in Scotland. Being surrounded by forests, mountains, ocean, and incredible wildlife - is it any surprise that I grew up to want to write about magical and mythical creatures? 


Before I pursued my career as an author, I harbored a seemingly impossible dream of one day becoming a killer whale trainer. Against all the odds I made that my reality by the time I was 22. I remained in that profession until I was 28 and now I run my own social media consultancy business for zoos and aquariums alongside writing my books.  

I have now settled in the Netherlands with my Dutch husband, and run my business - Hazel McBride Creative - from here.

Having failed to find a niche, I decided just to do it all -  Author, content creator, coach to aspiring marine mammal trainers, social media consultant, and podcaster to name a few!

I have had the immense privilege of being able to speak at universities and publish books, watch my mentees grow from interns to full-time trainers, as well as reach people with my words through social media. I have five books currently published and I cannot wait to see where this adventure takes me next!

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