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When I was first starting out on the path to my dream, I felt very lost, overwhelmed and alone. 

The field of marine mammal training is not only incredibly competitive and seemingly impossible to get into - it is also very closed-off and secretive - there's a lot of gatekeeping going on! 

I worked hard. I networked and used forums and begged advice from trainers around the world. I managed to make my own seemingly impossible dream happen by the time I was 22. I went from a young girl in a rural Scottish village with a huge dream, to living that dream in less than 10 years. But it was HARD work.

So I decided that I wanted to use my knowledge and help other aspiring marine mammal trainers to achieve their own dreams. I wanted to give them the information they needed to succeed and support them on their way - so no one would feel as lone and overwhelmed as I did. 

I have been lucky enough to coach multiple people into internships and paid positions since February 2020. Teaching my mentees everything from the theory of training, helping them build their resumes and cover letters, mock interviews, discussing morals and ethics, all help to shape them into the best trainers that they can be.

Interested? I offer both personalized coaching sessions as well as group zoom lectures. Inquire below!

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